Maintenance for garden furniture

The garden furniture from Lesli Living BV is low-maintenance, but to make sure you can enjoy your brand-new garden set as long as possible, we advise you to keep in mind the following tips for the maintenance and use of your garden furniture.

  • Clean the furniture with cold/tepid clean tap water and use a sponge or cloth (no steel wool, steel brush or something like that) maybe a bit of green soap but no corrosive substances, (all-purpose cleaners or chloride) and cleanse with cold/tepid tap water afterwards.
  • Never use a high-pressure cleaner to clean. The material can get damaged, and attract more dirt this way. You should use a sponge or a cloth. After cleaning, don’t put an airtight cover over the furniture, a good airflow prevents the formation of fungus and deterioration of the material.
  • Always be careful with fire, oil, grease and/or hot objects near your furniture, in order to prevent permanent damage.
  • We recommend you not to cover the furniture for a long time, or put long-term decorations or props on them, because these things can cause permanent stains or decolourisations.
  • Make sure that the cover of the table top is never airtight, not even with a protective cover. This can cause condensation or the formation of fungus. You should also try to prevent the cover from touching the table top because of rain.
  • Lesli has a series of maintenance and protective products for various kinds of materials in its collection. Ask your garden furniture supplier about this. If you use these products, you can enjoy your garden furniture longer.
  • In winter, we advise you to store the furniture in a sheltered, dry place.